We Believe...

1. All players will have equal opportunity to participate/try out for Azzurri Futbol Club.

Our primary purpose is to develop a love for the game of soccer while teaching technical skills, sportsmanship, citizenship, and physical fitness.

If selected for participation with a team, no player will be turned away due to financial inability to pay required fees/dues.

At all levels of play, a specific coaching philosophy will be used to ensure familiarity with the Azzurri style of play and prepare the players for “the next level of play.”

A strong sense of pride in our Azzurri community and the greater tri-county area is essential for the success of every team.

The Azzurri Futbol Club should be defined by our mission, vision, and philosophy rather than any one – or collective group of – individual(s).

All players shall learn the beliefs of the Azzurri Futbol Club, and it will be a priority to promote educational responsibility, discipline, and strong community values.

Coaches and managers selected to represent Azzurri Futbol Club should model good sportsmanship and endeavor to be a positive role model in athletics and citizenship.

Azzurri coaches should strive for constant self-improvement through training, clinics, and courses.